Using is totally free for you to use. Doesn’t matter if you want to use it privately or for business. The free version has a few undisturbing ads. 

SECURE communication!

Communicate privately with confidential messages and leave NO digital trace with the Anonymous chat, and anonymous texting – you can send, retract and make self-destructive text messages, whether they’re in a private chat or group chat. ALL information sent & received are erased from both parties, once the session is closed or a set time has passed.

No text messages are stored on our server! is completely confidential and a private messenger that will help you protect your privacy. 

Voice and video calls

No need to spend money on phone calls, make calls via Make voice and video calls, with a large group or just one-on-one. Calling your friends or business partners with is super easy.

Future features

We are constantly developing our secure In the future will be the communication app to end all (other) communication apps. We are both working on becoming the most secure chat app as well as becoming a 

EZcall will be an app and a desktop application that functions as a one-stop messaging hub. It will allow popular messaging services to be unified under ONE app.

Merge chat text from different messaging services/apps into one unifying app & send messages to your contacts directly to their EZcall app OR whichever other message app they might be using. is developed by Viabuilt Ventures Inc. a OTCmarkets quoted company with ticker:OTC:VBVTOur Website:
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